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IT Strategy

Opti Consulting takes a business based approach to IT strategy. In addition to looking at your organisation’s internal business drivers and objectives, we look to the external environment in order to develop a strategy which is adaptive to both internal and external factors.

Our consultants have backgrounds in both business and IT strategy and it allows them to deliver  strategies that are focussed on supporting your business objectives.

We undertake rapid current state assessments of IT across your organisation, work with stakeholders to encapsulate and package the organisation vision for IT and then develop transformational road maps incorporating programmes, projects and initiatives required to make the vision a reality. 

Our approach to transformation and strategy includes bringing people together to rapidly collaborate on resolving strategic directions. In most cases our approach allows a strategic roadmap to be developed for your organisation within weeks rather than months and is far quicker but no less robust than traditional strategy development approaches.

We recognise that IT strategies come in different guises and serve different purposes. One of the first tasks we perform is to discuss with key stakeholders where the emphasis needs to be. For example, a strategy that is to be presented to the Board will be different to a strategy that is to be presented to the IT Department.

Our strategies cover the think, build, run and governance elements needed to undertake organisational transformation and improve your business.

Our IT Strategy Development services are typically used by clients to:

  1. Reduce total cost of ownership of IT
  2. Reduce carbon footprint
  3. Establish an IT blueprint to support business plans
  4. Determine IT transformation required as a result of merger and acquisition activity
  5. Identify and extract value

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